Working with professionals & organizations

to optimize their individual and organizational development path for more significance, motivation, well-being and performance, faster and less painful.

Strategic. Bold. Together.

photo by Igor Ripak 2024


I am working to update my website. For a while new and old content will be available on various pages in either Romanian or English. If you get lost or need clarification please contact me. The email stays the same 🙂 Thank you!

Finding or (re)defining your way can be faster and less painful if you have the right guide. I don’t just do strategy or training. I DESIGN & FACILITATE EXPERIENCES. Customized. Carefully thought through. Thoroughly crafted.

Let's CRAFT your COURSE together!


  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Vision & Theory of Change
  • Planning & Monitoring


  • AQ assessment
  • Coaching
  • Team support


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Management
  • Overcome resistance


  • Tailored training
  • Transformation
  • Individual growth


  • DISC profile
  • Skills building
  • Team building

Course Creation

  • Structure & Process
  • Content & Experience
  • Delivery & Evaluation

Wherever you want to go, let me GUIDE you there.
If you don't know where you want to go, let me help you find YOUR destination.


Experiences, thoughts, ideas, announcement, news & stories from my life, my world & my activity.


Updates & offers for special programs dedicated to people & organizations on their path to sustainable growth.


Free but valuable resources to support your quest for significance, motivation & performance. 

My Story

My childhood answer to the question ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” was “I want to see the world!” I did not know what I want to work or what profession I will embrace, but I knew I want to see the world. And now I am proud to say I have achieved this. I am a professional traveling the world to put her skills & energy in the service of people and organizations who want to make a difference. I do this with passion, courage & balance.  I love my work and this feeds my passion. I believe challenges grow us and this feeds my courage. I believe in the value of just measure in everything I do and this feeds my balance. I am grateful for everything I have achieved so far and ready to discover what’s next for me. And you.